The aisle seems so long 
And my body seems so wrong
I have waited for you my whole life
A day like this and all I ever wanted was you
There's no such thing as a life without you
I gave myself to you and you gave yourself away to me
Look at the little girl dancing in the sunlight
That was you and it will be again
You took the clay that was my heart
And shaped it to be
And you took the water from the ocean
And told me it was something for me
You hummed to the humming bird and he hummed back
Mmmm hmmm
If we had nothing at all you are my home
And when we are angry and cry, I know that's just the world quaking against our heart
It's just snow falling into our ocean
But I always fall back into your arms like a December storm to shore
When I am away from you it feels like I am shut in an iron maiden
And when I am close to you I am only truly happy then
Comfort me in you

Love Without Time

God gave us one good thing and when it was made he called it love
And we ruined it, isn't that a much worse sin than those they say we have all done before
You had a beauty that I was foolish enough to believe was to good for me
Because no one gave me anything like that before, so what would I know
I miss you and you're the only person who has earned my missing them
Who has snatched the tears from my tear-less eyes
You left me lonely and god knows nothing soothed the pain
I turned up the stereo and all I heard was Mercury's crooning
And that was the straw the broke my back after all this
After all I was forced to take
I had a breakdown right then and right there
Of all that had to be playing that song captured my pain in the moment
And if I could have you one more day
Or live another millennium alone or with anyone else
I'd prepare to die tomorrow
My agony is only of the mind and heart and soul and I know this
But I swear I've been sick and not doing much since you left me
I want our love to be as passionate as if it was our last moment for every moment
And if I could write you a song or a love letter
I guess I'd have to beg a higher power for those 1000 years back after I chose you
And spend every second writing my tribute to you
I'd create a million new words to describe you
So here's the beginning of this
And I don't care what anyone else has to say
It was written just for you my love
I could never call anyone else darling like I've called you


We were running together to a place beyond the sun
Faster than bats out of hell, we flew beyond the stars
Through all our sabotage , the streets were shining bright
Searching for the glamour in the night
All we found ever was each other
And never once did we feel that the end was nigh
We looked into each other the way no one knew
And the dollars in our pockets were scarce and very few
Your entity shined like a silver screen
Like a urban legend and children's myths
If we can we will baptize each other in what they condemn to sin
We'll take it like it's all that's ever been
They can bow for their cross and their jobs
But we can be runaways and hide away from it all
This world is all you make it
And I want something no one has ever had
Your eyes looked like the center of an abyss
The lead me further astray than your lips or your tongue could ever
The rosary's and virgin Mary's embodied an idol like you were to me
Or maybe you were Lilith instead
And I was no Jesus Christ,
Lucifer was I
Not just a bloodied rebel
Running and never looking back


Your eyes both follow me with every movement I make unto you 
Two pairs of lips bite and kiss my neck in the candles flickering lights
The power you have to make me feel so, so possessed
The sunset’s dying and the early dark only gives way to this unholy entwining in the early dusk
A mocking of this sinister trinity with three melancholy knocks on flesh
We both feel your body seize in pleasure as light it afire with a touch from either side
You eyes show all white as I take your soul over your tongue
The spirits within are annihilating our bodies
Cloth drips wet clear liquids stained with our hot breathes in the cold
Two flavors side by side and so seductive
Your burnt and ashen wings are so soft
She lays in her crucifix pose
As she exorcises her with another unknown entity
A holy spirit fills you, and a demonic one takes its place
You bow on hands and knees to accept your communion
Body and blood
Whilst behinds you are your carnal and sinful desires being satisfied
The priestess reaches down to caress you
The devil pulls back your head
I taste and I feel
The way I feel one thing on my thighs, gently rocking on the ride down
And another over my face, gently moving like the breeze, lovingly warm wind on my flesh
It feels so similar

Hoodlum Love

The glass panes shatter once again 
They have never been so close to having love of their own before
Like they are in the back of a cop car
Shoulder to shoulder and cuffed together at the wrist for the long ride
But no cell could hold what they had inside
There's no place for them in this whole place except right here
Her cigarette has been lit and shes beautiful and dangerous
And he's said a liquor prayer he's hateful and insane
Their scars aren't ever going to heal
Oh well
Life is fun while it lasted, but I think we're dying now
They hide together when their parents aren't home
Under blankets warm to shield themselves from the cold of the world
They can't cope anywhere but inside of themselves

I Don’t Know You

 I look in the mirror and I find I don’t know you anymore
I don’t know this person I see
This person I live in
I remember trying to live a normal life
And when I resurfaced from the waters I had been suffocating in
I saw I was living like the dead
Alone, in a room, and anything but normal
A child and nothing more
Hurting and scared all the time
Sad and wishing for someone or something to fulfill
Words couldn’t describe
You knew your weakness and how ugly and powerless you could feel
You knew you weren’t them like you do now
But I’ve gotten colder, and you had more faith
You had a drive, a will to live,
But I can feel that is slowly dying to
How much could anyone hurt you?
They could destroy everything
So you grew your hate
And your fat body and unhappy mind began to hurt
Your skin began to hurt
You were sensitive and sometimes that still is true
But you knew something was wrong with you
You shouldn’t have been and you didn’t ask to be
So you hated everything and then you hated yourself
Your hate grew like a tree
But now I can feel it overgrowing the fence lines of your heart
So you planted a few ideas
And a big one came true when you needed it and were weak
So now I plan to be better to be fierce and deadly and something wilder than all your imagination growing in that room
No matter where I end up
I have reached the end of this life limit
I want more
I want more for the arms that wrapped themselves around you at night because they had nowhere else to be
The earth was your friend and so was everything inside
Because outside now that I evoke old tired thoughts
I remember all the pain
But I’m done with the pain
Done with people and society and being this way
You became me as you got tired of everything
Hate because love was dead like god was dead to Nietzsche
There is no trust amongst these animals we call people
They are all just as corrupt
People always comment on you
Because to see what they are would kill them because they contradict their own sick and stupid society
You could never feel good enough
But we will be
I thought I didn’t know you
but maybe you don’t know me