Love Without Time

God gave us one good thing and when it was made he called it love
And we ruined it, isn't that a much worse sin than those they say we have all done before
You had a beauty that I was foolish enough to believe was to good for me
Because no one gave me anything like that before, so what would I know
I miss you and you're the only person who has earned my missing them
Who has snatched the tears from my tear-less eyes
You left me lonely and god knows nothing soothed the pain
I turned up the stereo and all I heard was Mercury's crooning
And that was the straw the broke my back after all this
After all I was forced to take
I had a breakdown right then and right there
Of all that had to be playing that song captured my pain in the moment
And if I could have you one more day
Or live another millennium alone or with anyone else
I'd prepare to die tomorrow
My agony is only of the mind and heart and soul and I know this
But I swear I've been sick and not doing much since you left me
I want our love to be as passionate as if it was our last moment for every moment
And if I could write you a song or a love letter
I guess I'd have to beg a higher power for those 1000 years back after I chose you
And spend every second writing my tribute to you
I'd create a million new words to describe you
So here's the beginning of this
And I don't care what anyone else has to say
It was written just for you my love
I could never call anyone else darling like I've called you