Death Dance

Little eyes that do not see
And little ears that do not hear
Or will not, I don't know
Or maybe they do but just to our most private moments
And not our needs and wants like their job is
Every time you rally for ammunition and weapons
You kill the children You rallied and forced to be born without abortion
This is the future we were always afraid of
Hiding behind patriotism to earn more money
An entire industry built on war
To kill and Kill while the impoverished starve and perish from disease
Using religion as a guise for earning a wage
They rape us while all government kills each others people


The most god forsaken moment of my life
It's a day where I count my curses, not blessings
It's full of anguish and suicidal thoughts
The therapist doesn't understand a thing
I talk to the dust and spiders on my ceiling
My only friends
My family is not as lonely, in all their coffins
If I cannot live with you, I will not live at all
If I cannot see or hear you, I will not see or hear at all
This moment sticks to me like ashes from an urn
This blood flows through me like heroin
This numbing from screaming in my fucking throat
And in my fucking throat I croak as my anger turns to sobbing laughter
And in my mind I feel a tremor like the one in my hand
The hand I use to sip vodka
The most hurt filled moment of my life
A moment I do not know how I survived

The Second Fallen Star of Lucifer

In the throne room, I sit a man whose spirit was broken so long ago
Welcome to this theater of tragedy
Where my suffering has become their commodity
See and be a witness to this ballad and this play
This late testimony, these last rites
I am no king of the outlaws, no angel of the underground,
No rebel to society, no patron saint to the pain of the outcasts and those with no voice
I am the greatest actor this world has ever seen
I have conned so well I have scammed myself
I could never be, and I don't wanna be, I should've never thought
That I could be the savior to my few people and their holy land
How foolish was I
I Imprisoned myself in all my dreams
I ran so fast I missed every exit to a better fate
I hid within my hate as shield from all my trauma and pain
I warded off the evils of comfort and happiness with a symbol of wrath and misery
As you watched me on a stage you thought it was entertainment
But for me and for some of them it was a religion
And every night I screamed and preached the words I had written for you to believe
But like every religion, this one must have a martyr as well
I am prepared to be crowned with razor wire
And crucified, so my memory is immortalized
Like a million altars they built in bedrooms for me
Even In my hour of darkness and fear
I know what comes now, an end to my pain
And their dreams of life eternal
In the dark and silence
I feel no more agony
I am no god, no idol, no king
With tears in my eyes I realize the broken thing that I really was
I am no black mountain prophet, No purple skied crusader
My society rejects me
Because I was a scourge to them all
I Don't wanna be the son who dies for your sins
The bringer of peace to the war of classes
The king of the people who have lost all hope

Street Shooting

Hear the gunshots ring, through the valleys filled with fire
That no rain and no storm can soothe
See the bodies laying side by side in the killing fields
The craters of the bombs are mass graves
I see all the flags waving
Burning symbols into the night and into our heads
The impoverished and the incapacitated die
And the pigs of Washington laugh, louder and louder
Riots in the streets, Battle somewhere far away
It doesn't matter the time and place of this mayhem
War doesn't change it's mask
Someones hero is someone else's monster
With a gun in one hand and a medal in the other
One man with a gun in a shopping center
And bay of pigs in his mind
A Woman squats in the middle of the corn fields
With a wire hanger twisted and singed ends
Ready to pierce her womanhood
This world hasn't been fit for inheritance in a long time
A man is ripped off of his wife
As she is ripped apart and raped
A child shoots another spoonful inside of a needle
Outside their homes is a red and white and blue flag
Someone wiped their ass with it and will do life
And all these fiends will get away
In 11th grade all they talk about is the american dream
But I'm wide awake and I haven't had dreams for a long time
There's nothing to dream of and the people who did wasted
They wasted themselves, they wasted their lives, they wasted the whole world
For not a thing

Playing with Fire

Like out of some old silver screened movie they came walking in the door
They all were dressed in a shade of black you had never seen
Like they had ripped velvet cloth from the night sky
The bar went silent and everyone stared
It was like all the sin in this bar had been scared into hell
The whore became hushed and frightened
The gambler folded the game
The drunks and rebels trembled and prepared for a fight
It was like the devil and his entourage had come for a party tonight
They walked past me and said to the proprietor of this place
Up close they looked like corpses crossed with demons
They said we'll all take food and drink, don't you worry how much or what kind
As much as we can and for him to
The leader points to me and all I can say Is I cannot help pay
He smiles and I feel like death
He explains who they are and why I'm sharing a meal with them on this night
In between eating whole plates in a few gulps and drinking bottles of whiskey like water
They tell me their story, it begins along with time
Back when Lucifer was the archangel of worship and music
When they fell with the rest of the evil angels
And since that time they've been playing music
But they haven't had a singer since
And then they say they are here for me
The drummer says either you match us on that stage or we take your soul to hell
So I jump up without a beat going by and say let's hit it
I'll match you beat for beat
I can out scream a million men without a microphone
And I can bring tearful ballads to a thousand homes
And I can do better than all of you
So with that we were off
We played for hours and I could hardly speak
Every kind of music decimated the bar
My throat was raw and bloody
And then I felt the change
They laughed and said I think we found him
I looked into some puddle of piss or beer
And I looked like them
Now you're playing in hell's band they cackled
And I couldn't be more pleased

Love Without Time

God gave us one good thing and when it was made he called it love
And we ruined it, isn't that a much worse sin than those they say we have all done before
You had a beauty that I was foolish enough to believe was to good for me
Because no one gave me anything like that before, so what would I know
I miss you and you're the only person who has earned my missing them
Who has snatched the tears from my tear-less eyes
You left me lonely and god knows nothing soothed the pain
I turned up the stereo and all I heard was Mercury's crooning
And that was the straw the broke my back after all this
After all I was forced to take
I had a breakdown right then and right there
Of all that had to be playing that song captured my pain in the moment
And if I could have you one more day
Or live another millennium alone or with anyone else
I'd prepare to die tomorrow
My agony is only of the mind and heart and soul and I know this
But I swear I've been sick and not doing much since you left me
I want our love to be as passionate as if it was our last moment for every moment
And if I could write you a song or a love letter
I guess I'd have to beg a higher power for those 1000 years back after I chose you
And spend every second writing my tribute to you
I'd create a million new words to describe you
So here's the beginning of this
And I don't care what anyone else has to say
It was written just for you my love
I could never call anyone else darling like I've called you

Brick Unit

The gallows on a grey world with their snarled weeping widows and willows
A pain of the badlands in my head like the mercy and justice absent from them all
To do a line of black dahlia rose ashes
Next to your meal of whatever cheap fast food you can grab
The apartment heat is always high yet you feel so cold
The alcoholics down the hall just won't quiet on this morning
So you wish them a suffering end like the flies that drop dead from chemicals on your wall
You're yearning to drink its been so many months and your occasional smoking is giving
Looking out the windows at the street below
Only to look back at some screen or book
The distortions from your radio make you want to vomit
But you have to level yourself
After all you live alone and if you should fall and die
No one may find you till there hardly any flesh on your bones
I watch the street preacher preach his sermon on the corner below
Talking about how this is some country of god and how we must change our ways
The same man comes from a line of moonshine and a special kind of inbred
There's no place for either of us in this city
I'm the problems he's addressing
And in turn he's another person who's a problem for me
There is no way of putting guilt and trial into the ways of living
If that's one thing I've seen from observing and being alone
I think I'd like to earn some more


Listen from o'er there
Gather round as the rain pours and lightning strikes
As the fire extinguishes and the embers sizzle with the downfall
These towns like Bethlehem, Nazareth, And Galilee
Abandoned western barrios and towns
Derelict with Golgotha looming like the doom of the world in the distance
Nothing but a black reminder against the shaded and jaded red skies
The second coming was a stillborn yet he awoke again and screamed covered in blood
With the crown of barbed wire and nails in his mind and a cross of straw in his bed
A king will walk the desert again
Tattooed with the memories of a crucifixion
Son of god, Son of a beast, Son of a bitch
The virgin Mary, A whore named Maria
The sounds of rage-filled and melancholy rhythms overrode by the soul of a punk preacher
The manger held no wise men, just a fool, a drunk, and a desperate idiot
The bastard of Bethlehem was born with fear in his heart
They could crucify their lord again, kill him to worship him
He doesn't want to be a new martyr, He doesn't need to be a new god
He wants to live like the rest of them
He feels like them, desires what they do
But there seems to be a winged Satan amongst the unrest tonight
And the unblessed are watching him
Their temples corrupt it all
They follow with black eyes and empty shells
As he carries the burden of Bethlehem
All their sin he can feel all the time
And all that temptation starts to sway over him
Women luring him with every motion of themselves
Drink delivering from all his eternal fear
He wants the communion of flesh and desire not of flesh and wine
But he still wants to stand up like the other fanatics on park benches and car roofs
Screaming about the apocalypse except his screams are for change
Change the way the world has become
Make it fit for living in
Change as the disciples echo that rhythm he heard at his birth

Lives Write In Pens

I smell something like desperation 
But the summer heat has hid it until now
Now I can see clearly
What it means when you quiver like your being fucked when you're not
Fists ball and lips bit
Anxiety was such a party rage
Confidence was never strong with you even now
Do your palms ever sweat
Do your eyes ever have to just look down
Do you feel like your existence is some mistake
An accident on a test you wish you could erase
But lives write in pens
In a universe without white out and indestructible paper
Licking envelopes to hide your mistakes
Wasting time on another deadline
That's why I don't give a damn
Let it play out, life has taken the living outta me
One person can moan better than a whole choir sings
When orgasms feel like body-wide paper cuts

Amongst The Holy

The tyrant sits upon his throne of human bone and innards
Drinking from the goblet of tears of all the women and children he has slain
His wives serving his every need In lingerie made from coagulated blood and human skulls
He feasts on the pile of fetuses that originated from his seed
Evil has a home as does everything that is holy and that is here
He is the politician and priest the family man and the little children playing
Look in your mirrors, there is no bloody countess there just him in all our reflections
There may be beauty but where there is beauty there is ugliness
He is the war that disrupts the peace
He is the night demon and the cult and the killer and the Anti-Christ
He comes as an angel and leaves as a devil
Your fathers, your mothers, your neighbors, your children
You cannot escape they are all for one and one for all for this evil
War crimes and wicked souls
Half evil, Half good
Your flesh only is a vessel for these two powers from within