The Second Fallen Star of Lucifer

In the throne room, I sit a man whose spirit was broken so long ago
Welcome to this theater of tragedy
Where my suffering has become their commodity
See and be a witness to this ballad and this play
This late testimony, these last rites
I am no king of the outlaws, no angel of the underground,
No rebel to society, no patron saint to the pain of the outcasts and those with no voice
I am the greatest actor this world has ever seen
I have conned so well I have scammed myself
I could never be, and I don't wanna be, I should've never thought
That I could be the savior to my few people and their holy land
How foolish was I
I Imprisoned myself in all my dreams
I ran so fast I missed every exit to a better fate
I hid within my hate as shield from all my trauma and pain
I warded off the evils of comfort and happiness with a symbol of wrath and misery
As you watched me on a stage you thought it was entertainment
But for me and for some of them it was a religion
And every night I screamed and preached the words I had written for you to believe
But like every religion, this one must have a martyr as well
I am prepared to be crowned with razor wire
And crucified, so my memory is immortalized
Like a million altars they built in bedrooms for me
Even In my hour of darkness and fear
I know what comes now, an end to my pain
And their dreams of life eternal
In the dark and silence
I feel no more agony
I am no god, no idol, no king
With tears in my eyes I realize the broken thing that I really was
I am no black mountain prophet, No purple skied crusader
My society rejects me
Because I was a scourge to them all
I Don't wanna be the son who dies for your sins
The bringer of peace to the war of classes
The king of the people who have lost all hope


We were running together to a place beyond the sun
Faster than bats out of hell, we flew beyond the stars
Through all our sabotage , the streets were shining bright
Searching for the glamour in the night
All we found ever was each other
And never once did we feel that the end was nigh
We looked into each other the way no one knew
And the dollars in our pockets were scarce and very few
Your entity shined like a silver screen
Like a urban legend and children's myths
If we can we will baptize each other in what they condemn to sin
We'll take it like it's all that's ever been
They can bow for their cross and their jobs
But we can be runaways and hide away from it all
This world is all you make it
And I want something no one has ever had
Your eyes looked like the center of an abyss
The lead me further astray than your lips or your tongue could ever
The rosary's and virgin Mary's embodied an idol like you were to me
Or maybe you were Lilith instead
And I was no Jesus Christ,
Lucifer was I
Not just a bloodied rebel
Running and never looking back