I have a dream, wrapped in a body
Tempted by sex, Lured by media lies
Hypocrisy on angel wings, corruption
The drive to seek enlightenment triumphs over all
Lost in a pile of literature, Lost in a world of information
Beliefs they have died for, beliefs they kill for
Legends and fables, My voice carries a harmony
I need the answers, I need the truth of enlightenment
The pitfalls of your search, you may become ignorant as you search for answers

In life you find love hidden amongst the shore
But then you die and then what good are the pieces now


The aisle seems so long 
And my body seems so wrong
I have waited for you my whole life
A day like this and all I ever wanted was you
There's no such thing as a life without you
I gave myself to you and you gave yourself away to me
Look at the little girl dancing in the sunlight
That was you and it will be again
You took the clay that was my heart
And shaped it to be
And you took the water from the ocean
And told me it was something for me
You hummed to the humming bird and he hummed back
Mmmm hmmm
If we had nothing at all you are my home
And when we are angry and cry, I know that's just the world quaking against our heart
It's just snow falling into our ocean
But I always fall back into your arms like a December storm to shore
When I am away from you it feels like I am shut in an iron maiden
And when I am close to you I am only truly happy then
Comfort me in you

Not Made For Human Consumption

Blood in your eyes, blood on your hands
Kill one kill them all
Only a man, only a woman, only a child, only a baby
Not a tear is shed for very long
The human assembly line keeps creating more new souls to break
Going to war, going to crime
If I break a mirror over your head will you see then
Narcissist society, cannibals and pigs in wolves clothing in a sheep’s skin
Take another pretty picture, put on lots of makeup
Jack off some more and more, go play your sports, worship, work, watch tv, drink, die
Play on shuffle or repeat its still the same
Look good today in another urn on another mantel tomorrow
I can’t take your insanity anymore, it’s to much lock me away
Throw away the keys, shut me up, I’m sick
Sometimes I want to die to get away
Sometimes I want to live to feed my soul
Stop this madness, it’s tearing me in two
Rip me up, chew me apart
Spit me out, stomp me flat

Broken Dolls and Torn up Paper Angels

 I found you like a little broken china doll
I took you through the cobblestone and concrete home
I glued and mended your porcelain face
I stitched your clothes and made you a heart of clay
You had such empty eyes still
I could only make them gleam in the streetlights
I kissed your cold, cold lips
I found my tongue unable to go any further
I found a tear in your glass eyes
That fell upon all the pain no one else could see
All the depression and suffering within me
Deep within the windows of my own eyes
You let me comb at your old and matted synthetic hair
I put my hand on your chest and that heart didn’t beat
Your chest didn’t rise and fall
Even after I put blood in your tile and your fabric
I weaved this and that and still nothing
Nothing but my denial was real

My Affection Withers In This Tragedy

 There was a time when I’d see us walking amongst the trees and rain 
Now all I see when I look down at your grave
Is the television that day, unphased reporter saying x amount dead
Another mass killing and my life has been ruined again
The tears Have carved a labyrinth of paths through my heart
I can’t make sense of wrong and right
I thought I’d felt it all before this grief so heavy bared across my back
Like rain of steel piercing all of me
I hate it all I hate you all
What was so wrong with all of you
Now everything I ever had was stolen away
Seeing visions in my sorrow of someone I loved in a heaven I didn’t believe in
Now I need that heaven more than ever
I need it if I ever wanna see you again
This world doesn't hold a fucking thing for me
I cry as I lay all day and all night where you sleep forever
I want my revenge that I’ll never have
I want to make something better
Because I know I’ll never love again
As the tools of death ring in ears everywhere
Politicians and religious figures offer prayers and silence
I don’t want your pity
I want something back that no one can give me
I don’t care why they did it
I know the killer probably had pain inside to
But I will never forgive and never relate
For all the agony and torture my soul holds now is all their fault
And it wasn’t my loves fault for any of it so why and how can it all be gone
How could you do that to someone who never knew you and never hurt you
I am marked by the ashes of this apocalypse until I die
Nothing’s changing because no one can understand what’s going on
No one’s listening, they just act like they are
And I know it’s not gonna be the last time