The aisle seems so long 
And my body seems so wrong
I have waited for you my whole life
A day like this and all I ever wanted was you
There's no such thing as a life without you
I gave myself to you and you gave yourself away to me
Look at the little girl dancing in the sunlight
That was you and it will be again
You took the clay that was my heart
And shaped it to be
And you took the water from the ocean
And told me it was something for me
You hummed to the humming bird and he hummed back
Mmmm hmmm
If we had nothing at all you are my home
And when we are angry and cry, I know that's just the world quaking against our heart
It's just snow falling into our ocean
But I always fall back into your arms like a December storm to shore
When I am away from you it feels like I am shut in an iron maiden
And when I am close to you I am only truly happy then
Comfort me in you