Death Dance

Little eyes that do not see
And little ears that do not hear
Or will not, I don't know
Or maybe they do but just to our most private moments
And not our needs and wants like their job is
Every time you rally for ammunition and weapons
You kill the children You rallied and forced to be born without abortion
This is the future we were always afraid of
Hiding behind patriotism to earn more money
An entire industry built on war
To kill and Kill while the impoverished starve and perish from disease
Using religion as a guise for earning a wage
They rape us while all government kills each others people

Apt. 666 ( No Place like Here)

 Come with me to this suffering realm 
Eyes of black, a place below of hell
Haunted by pain and awful memories
Drugs and rape, murder beyond worries
Welcome to the darkest place on earth
Beyond a place that misery fears
An abyss darker than the tools of evil the mind creates
This dark room in a building of these desecrated dwellings
But this one is where the devil walks on glass
All the abuse in the world can fit here with room for you and me
Loveless and lightless
Hatred is king, and your sorrow is god
Tears of the innocent girls
Screams of such brave men
Blood and shit and the razor your father cut your mothers neck with
Let your virility rot and your passion fade
No escape from this windowless place
Forgotten by god and forsaken by all angels above and below
Pain that rips through flesh into the soul
Where your children are consumed and your elders obliviated
See the you I see
See the place beyond the imagination the way I do
Let me give you the great beast you are