The Second Fallen Star of Lucifer

In the throne room, I sit a man whose spirit was broken so long ago
Welcome to this theater of tragedy
Where my suffering has become their commodity
See and be a witness to this ballad and this play
This late testimony, these last rites
I am no king of the outlaws, no angel of the underground,
No rebel to society, no patron saint to the pain of the outcasts and those with no voice
I am the greatest actor this world has ever seen
I have conned so well I have scammed myself
I could never be, and I don't wanna be, I should've never thought
That I could be the savior to my few people and their holy land
How foolish was I
I Imprisoned myself in all my dreams
I ran so fast I missed every exit to a better fate
I hid within my hate as shield from all my trauma and pain
I warded off the evils of comfort and happiness with a symbol of wrath and misery
As you watched me on a stage you thought it was entertainment
But for me and for some of them it was a religion
And every night I screamed and preached the words I had written for you to believe
But like every religion, this one must have a martyr as well
I am prepared to be crowned with razor wire
And crucified, so my memory is immortalized
Like a million altars they built in bedrooms for me
Even In my hour of darkness and fear
I know what comes now, an end to my pain
And their dreams of life eternal
In the dark and silence
I feel no more agony
I am no god, no idol, no king
With tears in my eyes I realize the broken thing that I really was
I am no black mountain prophet, No purple skied crusader
My society rejects me
Because I was a scourge to them all
I Don't wanna be the son who dies for your sins
The bringer of peace to the war of classes
The king of the people who have lost all hope

Playing with Fire

Like out of some old silver screened movie they came walking in the door
They all were dressed in a shade of black you had never seen
Like they had ripped velvet cloth from the night sky
The bar went silent and everyone stared
It was like all the sin in this bar had been scared into hell
The whore became hushed and frightened
The gambler folded the game
The drunks and rebels trembled and prepared for a fight
It was like the devil and his entourage had come for a party tonight
They walked past me and said to the proprietor of this place
Up close they looked like corpses crossed with demons
They said we'll all take food and drink, don't you worry how much or what kind
As much as we can and for him to
The leader points to me and all I can say Is I cannot help pay
He smiles and I feel like death
He explains who they are and why I'm sharing a meal with them on this night
In between eating whole plates in a few gulps and drinking bottles of whiskey like water
They tell me their story, it begins along with time
Back when Lucifer was the archangel of worship and music
When they fell with the rest of the evil angels
And since that time they've been playing music
But they haven't had a singer since
And then they say they are here for me
The drummer says either you match us on that stage or we take your soul to hell
So I jump up without a beat going by and say let's hit it
I'll match you beat for beat
I can out scream a million men without a microphone
And I can bring tearful ballads to a thousand homes
And I can do better than all of you
So with that we were off
We played for hours and I could hardly speak
Every kind of music decimated the bar
My throat was raw and bloody
And then I felt the change
They laughed and said I think we found him
I looked into some puddle of piss or beer
And I looked like them
Now you're playing in hell's band they cackled
And I couldn't be more pleased

Band Overview: Life Of Agony

My first experience with this band was sometime when I was in middle school. I remember going through suggestions based on what I was listening to. Listed under “similar to Type O Negative” was Life of Agony’s debut album River Runs Red. Released in 1993 off of Roadrunner Records, I was amazed and left utterly emotional. The music had hurt my soul, the lyrics had spoke to me not from the headphone speakers, but from inside. Angry and sorrowful, the album has a concept of the last week of life of a teenage boy who later commits suicide. I listened to the album through and through. The thrash and hardcore inspired beats intertwined with sheering guitars and melancholy melodies the guitar strung in with Keith Caputo’s unique vocal style. A vocal style that was loud with rage but strife and ridden with grief. The entire album has earned it’s place permanently in my top ten.In fact, the album Is so highly recommended by me I suggest If you are reading this to find a way to listen to It as soon as you finish. Now for the next album, 1995’s ugly. It was a bit of a sophomore slump. The album was good but just not as good as River Runs Red. It was more melodic and sounded a little more mainstream than some would’ve liked. But by the time 1997’s Soul searching sun came around the bend, the band sounded like a completely different entity. All the heavy rage in the vocals were gone, replaced by a more sultry and soft voice. The guitars went from heavy and calculated metal riffs and solos to a slightly more second generation punk sound that would’ve appealed to fans of Green Day and Eve 6 as well as perhaps some later generation grunge. This alienated many fans as a new direction is often labeled as selling out. Also it seemed like the heavy double bass drums on countless Metal albums seemed to give way to a more conventional rock drumming style. The band would not release any new material as a unit until 2005’s Broken Valley. For typical fans, if Ugly was not a early sign of changing winds and Soul Searching Sun the obvious new beginning it was, Broken Valley was even more in the new direction than it’s predecessors. It’s alternative sound was very high quality, But all forms of extreme metal were definitely gone now. Keith was also I believe if memory serves correctly transitioning to Mina Caputo. Other members of the band were busy with other musical endeavors before and after the albums as well as other projects outside of music. Joey Z’s guitar playing shines out still despite the change. The band would again be inactive until 2017’s A Place Where There’s No More Pain. The newest effort sounds very much like Alice In chains as far as vocals. The overall band sound seems to have taken the latest rock trends and made a dark new metal sound that is very pleasing. The band still plays Songs off their first album live but something is missing. It sounds like a cover. The new sound is more them now. I prefer the original but I also think their new sound is best for them. A very underrated gem of a band.