Death Dance

Little eyes that do not see
And little ears that do not hear
Or will not, I don't know
Or maybe they do but just to our most private moments
And not our needs and wants like their job is
Every time you rally for ammunition and weapons
You kill the children You rallied and forced to be born without abortion
This is the future we were always afraid of
Hiding behind patriotism to earn more money
An entire industry built on war
To kill and Kill while the impoverished starve and perish from disease
Using religion as a guise for earning a wage
They rape us while all government kills each others people

Suffocating on Excrement

Another day, Another war,Another rape, Another denial
The news, these politicians vessels of lies, kissing the ass of a church
The undead idol upon the cross does not speak in words and has no holy home
You just remember that when the bell tolls for thee and they say pay the fee
No one fights, you are brainwashed into not caring, into ignorance
If you don't use your soul no one will know we were here
Use your energy to disrupt the evil ones hiding behind the flag and cross
Meaningless worker ants, programmed lives, enjoy the little time you do have to yourself
But this isn't the traditional place they are treating it to be
And I doubt it ever existed
The old won't admit this time is dead
Maybe when the blood flows before them in riots they will see
They call anything different heresy and blasphemy
How's this, if god is in many different forms why can't they be who I think
We rip ourselves in two
We scream for change and nothing, no one listening
They want you soft
Ignorant to abuse, murder, and all their wicked ways
So that when they roll us down you're just standing in your doomed shock
From Black to White,woman and man, straight and gay, mainstream and underground
They want a civil war, they want no unity
They want to be the one true supremacists
None of these groups really exist, they just want us at each others throats
The haves are going to kill the have nots

Nothing Is Changing

Walking across time, Years like hundreds of miles
There was nothing in the falling rain, but still we search
This world was not cursed by a deity
It was damned by you and me
Why do we hurt as we live in fear
Where was all this hate born from
Could there ever be another way
Could we have ever had it in some other life
Realities don't shatter like glass
The hold fast like diamonds
Contemplating the suit and tie and the syringe
This was never meant to be
Even when it was etched in stone
Hurting the ones we love
Loving the ones we hate
Nothing like temptation to draw the lines in our eyes
Define pain and I'll give you every souls definition of all this agony
The same causes but it all hurts so beautifully different
A thousand upon millions of blackened souls
Never will we be the same again
Life has become something else entirely
Why does the fear never die

One Nation, Under Itself( Our Own Nemesis)

This world has become a conformist elite 
Emotions obsolete with religion and everything else you once loved
Everybody just works till they die
From the day of your birth you were created as a gift to death
And you can stop me when I lie, but I promise you’ll only beg for more
Dystopian future is here and its now
They wrote it over and over
But you didn’t listen and now it’s too late
You’re more robotic than you are of flesh
Women bow down, prepare to be bred
Men bow lower, do the slave and war dance
Waltz under the marionette strings
Kill each other become stricken with disease
If there’s a god, the devil is government
The devil is his church
The tracking chips installed
You’re new and improved
You create only pain and suffering
You create more machines as they threaten our lives
There are no countries now
Patriotism just a tool to keep you in line
It’s all one world now under greed
Brainwashed with sex and violence
They gave you drugs to make you unable to care
The more of us stand on our feet the less we must fear
The rebellion lives within you

2000 Plus(and every year before is just as bad)

We ain’t living in no time worth living in
So modern so refined
But you still can’t read or tie your shoes
All you do is judge but you can’t even hate yourself
So advanced so in demand
But you don’t have a fucking soul to your name
No one cares they just stare
Dead eyed and compliant
This ain’t no dream I ever heard of
So why do they say American dream
I didn’t know dreams had citizenship, class, or race
Don’t teach us that bullshit
Buddy you wouldn’t know wrong if they shot your son on your front lawn
So where do you get off preaching on what’s right
The ugliest of people is recorded in me
On film like out a cassette
So out of date but who could give a fuck
At least I can reflect and not just do
You do do do
But you should think think think
Living in 2019, 20xx
Ain’t a time worth living in
It hasn’t been since we made it so ugly
Wanna see bad
See what I remember
I’ll show you horror motherfucker
These men in suits ain’t changing shit
They won’t till you wake up out of your job they chain you to
To classify to restrict to mutilate
And bang your fist louder than their podium lies
Their altar praise and alter egos
One day you’re gonna see your dumbass was wrong
And it’ll be too late by then
And I’ll laugh and laugh
And keep laughing