Street Shooting

Hear the gunshots ring, through the valleys filled with fire
That no rain and no storm can soothe
See the bodies laying side by side in the killing fields
The craters of the bombs are mass graves
I see all the flags waving
Burning symbols into the night and into our heads
The impoverished and the incapacitated die
And the pigs of Washington laugh, louder and louder
Riots in the streets, Battle somewhere far away
It doesn't matter the time and place of this mayhem
War doesn't change it's mask
Someones hero is someone else's monster
With a gun in one hand and a medal in the other
One man with a gun in a shopping center
And bay of pigs in his mind
A Woman squats in the middle of the corn fields
With a wire hanger twisted and singed ends
Ready to pierce her womanhood
This world hasn't been fit for inheritance in a long time
A man is ripped off of his wife
As she is ripped apart and raped
A child shoots another spoonful inside of a needle
Outside their homes is a red and white and blue flag
Someone wiped their ass with it and will do life
And all these fiends will get away
In 11th grade all they talk about is the american dream
But I'm wide awake and I haven't had dreams for a long time
There's nothing to dream of and the people who did wasted
They wasted themselves, they wasted their lives, they wasted the whole world
For not a thing

Spiraling Into The Ink

It's funny how as a child you suck on a breast
And the overwhelming irony of us chasing that feeling the rest of our lives
It's funny how you remember autumn leaves burning
The inexplicable reason you love to smell the incineration
A butterfly is like how her eyes flutter
It's only a whisper that he mutters
Written on the walls of their minds
Like a public graffiti
Dial the devil for the deal of a lifetime
If you've got blood in your veins you can sign that dotted line
Don't miss this once in a lifetime, perfectly good opportunity
To throw your life away
Pornography is such a violent and beautiful sight
Especially when you're lonely, it's dark, the lights in the night won't even keep you company
You imagine that flesh can be a meal
Something to sustain your existence, something to give you life
Some mental and sexual affliction related to vermin
Lead cattle and livestock to water and watch them bleed
You see a goddess with a forked tongue come to you in your dreams
Possessed tattooed virgin suicide girl
Meth hides a decaying reality around you in a bullshit wonderland