Listen from o'er there
Gather round as the rain pours and lightning strikes
As the fire extinguishes and the embers sizzle with the downfall
These towns like Bethlehem, Nazareth, And Galilee
Abandoned western barrios and towns
Derelict with Golgotha looming like the doom of the world in the distance
Nothing but a black reminder against the shaded and jaded red skies
The second coming was a stillborn yet he awoke again and screamed covered in blood
With the crown of barbed wire and nails in his mind and a cross of straw in his bed
A king will walk the desert again
Tattooed with the memories of a crucifixion
Son of god, Son of a beast, Son of a bitch
The virgin Mary, A whore named Maria
The sounds of rage-filled and melancholy rhythms overrode by the soul of a punk preacher
The manger held no wise men, just a fool, a drunk, and a desperate idiot
The bastard of Bethlehem was born with fear in his heart
They could crucify their lord again, kill him to worship him
He doesn't want to be a new martyr, He doesn't need to be a new god
He wants to live like the rest of them
He feels like them, desires what they do
But there seems to be a winged Satan amongst the unrest tonight
And the unblessed are watching him
Their temples corrupt it all
They follow with black eyes and empty shells
As he carries the burden of Bethlehem
All their sin he can feel all the time
And all that temptation starts to sway over him
Women luring him with every motion of themselves
Drink delivering from all his eternal fear
He wants the communion of flesh and desire not of flesh and wine
But he still wants to stand up like the other fanatics on park benches and car roofs
Screaming about the apocalypse except his screams are for change
Change the way the world has become
Make it fit for living in
Change as the disciples echo that rhythm he heard at his birth

Lives Write In Pens

I smell something like desperation 
But the summer heat has hid it until now
Now I can see clearly
What it means when you quiver like your being fucked when you're not
Fists ball and lips bit
Anxiety was such a party rage
Confidence was never strong with you even now
Do your palms ever sweat
Do your eyes ever have to just look down
Do you feel like your existence is some mistake
An accident on a test you wish you could erase
But lives write in pens
In a universe without white out and indestructible paper
Licking envelopes to hide your mistakes
Wasting time on another deadline
That's why I don't give a damn
Let it play out, life has taken the living outta me
One person can moan better than a whole choir sings
When orgasms feel like body-wide paper cuts

Amongst The Holy

The tyrant sits upon his throne of human bone and innards
Drinking from the goblet of tears of all the women and children he has slain
His wives serving his every need In lingerie made from coagulated blood and human skulls
He feasts on the pile of fetuses that originated from his seed
Evil has a home as does everything that is holy and that is here
He is the politician and priest the family man and the little children playing
Look in your mirrors, there is no bloody countess there just him in all our reflections
There may be beauty but where there is beauty there is ugliness
He is the war that disrupts the peace
He is the night demon and the cult and the killer and the Anti-Christ
He comes as an angel and leaves as a devil
Your fathers, your mothers, your neighbors, your children
You cannot escape they are all for one and one for all for this evil
War crimes and wicked souls
Half evil, Half good
Your flesh only is a vessel for these two powers from within

Spiraling Into The Ink

It's funny how as a child you suck on a breast
And the overwhelming irony of us chasing that feeling the rest of our lives
It's funny how you remember autumn leaves burning
The inexplicable reason you love to smell the incineration
A butterfly is like how her eyes flutter
It's only a whisper that he mutters
Written on the walls of their minds
Like a public graffiti
Dial the devil for the deal of a lifetime
If you've got blood in your veins you can sign that dotted line
Don't miss this once in a lifetime, perfectly good opportunity
To throw your life away
Pornography is such a violent and beautiful sight
Especially when you're lonely, it's dark, the lights in the night won't even keep you company
You imagine that flesh can be a meal
Something to sustain your existence, something to give you life
Some mental and sexual affliction related to vermin
Lead cattle and livestock to water and watch them bleed
You see a goddess with a forked tongue come to you in your dreams
Possessed tattooed virgin suicide girl
Meth hides a decaying reality around you in a bullshit wonderland

The Bus Out Of Hell

No one's paid for my sins
I had to swipe them off a convenience store counter and run like hell
I realized a little to late that there's really nothing wrong with me
I was meant to simply be
And If that wasn't good enough
I guess you should've just aborted me
But It's a little late so what the hell
Let me do my shit and don't worry about a thing
Life is to Find some love or substitute and owe and pay
I learned all my tricks after school in the afternoon in a bedroom away from the screams
I didn't party and I needed you like you needed me
A speaker blaring all my pain down the drain and out the windows
Staring at my youth spilling out a page of ink
No one will exist that remembers me
When it's cold outside I went for walks on my own in my head
I lost so much time being a prisoner
And If I must confess the worst thing I ever did
It was that I let you keep me down on my luck and down on myself for so long
Everyone has their opinions and they're just throwaway like all of mine
What should I believe
From people who never believed in anything of mine
Are you listening, I decided to throw away all the crap you filled me up with
And I don't remember a fucking thing you wanted to put on me
I guess I can be smart but it's fun to be dumb
But not a little ignorant runt who dresses like a trendy fag
A new sun rises
And it marks a better day than all the last
A day to survive and not give in to pressure
I found out I don't have to be ashamed
And that I really don't need to say I'm sorry when I'm not
I ran away from all my hurting parts
But that's another story


Suburban hippie crack cocaine can eat my mind
Take away reality so I can forget all the death
I could't take all the bullshit anymore
Let the flies land on my ass, I can only see what I hallucinate
Water tastes like bubblegum and cotton candy
Special K leaves me feeling like hell but out of my mind
All the pretty pictures I see tell me this is so much better than from where I came
Trust me I wouldn't listen if we weren't all right
There's nothing like hearing black
Acid can take away all the bad and leave all the good
Sometimes I forget to do anything else until I realize what fun I could be having
This is so much better than the pills mommy pops
And the drinks that daddy swigs
If it weren't for this I don't know how I'd be doing
How would I survive and would anything be alright
Inside I'm happy
But outside I know now everybody knows how sad I really am
Before I was so so sad and everybody didn't know a fucking thing
That's OK, pass me the Novocaine and condensed air
NyQuil doesn't work anymore


You can find a secret in the grime and the dust 
Under the dark and the cold sheet of ice
It's like the secret every blade holds deep within
Every grim tombstones reminder
And every neon sign directing your lust
It smells like a corpse rotting in a sewer somewhere tonight
Everyone's dirty secrets are airing out in the night
The only purge you'll see this season is the purge of filthy little lies
Little sluts come in 2's and their killers come in 6's
What demons haunt you when you turn out your light
When the world falls away and it's just you and them sharing the bed
What a doppelganger does I guess is something along the lines of your explanation
Kisses and checking closet doors
It's not something they can see
Secret passages through the walls
This feeling can't be bound and exorcised
I know someone is around here watching me
I don't know what to do
They are all impersonators
Trick or treat, this bed of hay will go up in flames
And all the insects except for you will scatter
She was such an empty phase
A placeholder for what you really needed
An expectation that was held a little to high to be reality
This feasible full of feces fantasy
No one will ever know that it existed just like they'll forget about you
Once we have you buried alive and you can even hear them say ,
"Out of sight, out of mind"


We were running together to a place beyond the sun
Faster than bats out of hell, we flew beyond the stars
Through all our sabotage , the streets were shining bright
Searching for the glamour in the night
All we found ever was each other
And never once did we feel that the end was nigh
We looked into each other the way no one knew
And the dollars in our pockets were scarce and very few
Your entity shined like a silver screen
Like a urban legend and children's myths
If we can we will baptize each other in what they condemn to sin
We'll take it like it's all that's ever been
They can bow for their cross and their jobs
But we can be runaways and hide away from it all
This world is all you make it
And I want something no one has ever had
Your eyes looked like the center of an abyss
The lead me further astray than your lips or your tongue could ever
The rosary's and virgin Mary's embodied an idol like you were to me
Or maybe you were Lilith instead
And I was no Jesus Christ,
Lucifer was I
Not just a bloodied rebel
Running and never looking back

We Became

They come at me with pitchforks and torches 
I guess I'm the monster they picked tonight
They don't give a fuck about you
That's why you're here and they're not
To them you're just another dollar sign, another follower for their ranks
Brainless and obedient, you don't care if they see you as flesh and bone
So go ahead and hunt me because you're disposable
I'll be you next week
They're going to send your children to war
Your subculture has become your religion
They don't need to be worried about getting to know you
You post it all online and your phones always listening
To focus better ads on you and your wallet
They're going to send your baby to war
And you'll let them because they hide behind military honor
When really there was never any
Tell me the glory in killing someone you've never met for the puppeteer
I'd love to hear how great you make mayhem and genocide sound
Sell me it, they've already sold me everything else
They want a return to the old days of yore before "corrupted youth"
But I see that vision riddled with killers
What's fashionable and trending?
Yesterday it's drugs, today it's guns
The special interest groups will sell you an agenda wrapped in change
But somethings not quite right
Even now you're in denial

Suffocating on Excrement

Another day, Another war,Another rape, Another denial
The news, these politicians vessels of lies, kissing the ass of a church
The undead idol upon the cross does not speak in words and has no holy home
You just remember that when the bell tolls for thee and they say pay the fee
No one fights, you are brainwashed into not caring, into ignorance
If you don't use your soul no one will know we were here
Use your energy to disrupt the evil ones hiding behind the flag and cross
Meaningless worker ants, programmed lives, enjoy the little time you do have to yourself
But this isn't the traditional place they are treating it to be
And I doubt it ever existed
The old won't admit this time is dead
Maybe when the blood flows before them in riots they will see
They call anything different heresy and blasphemy
How's this, if god is in many different forms why can't they be who I think
We rip ourselves in two
We scream for change and nothing, no one listening
They want you soft
Ignorant to abuse, murder, and all their wicked ways
So that when they roll us down you're just standing in your doomed shock
From Black to White,woman and man, straight and gay, mainstream and underground
They want a civil war, they want no unity
They want to be the one true supremacists
None of these groups really exist, they just want us at each others throats
The haves are going to kill the have nots