Spiraling Into The Ink

It's funny how as a child you suck on a breast
And the overwhelming irony of us chasing that feeling the rest of our lives
It's funny how you remember autumn leaves burning
The inexplicable reason you love to smell the incineration
A butterfly is like how her eyes flutter
It's only a whisper that he mutters
Written on the walls of their minds
Like a public graffiti
Dial the devil for the deal of a lifetime
If you've got blood in your veins you can sign that dotted line
Don't miss this once in a lifetime, perfectly good opportunity
To throw your life away
Pornography is such a violent and beautiful sight
Especially when you're lonely, it's dark, the lights in the night won't even keep you company
You imagine that flesh can be a meal
Something to sustain your existence, something to give you life
Some mental and sexual affliction related to vermin
Lead cattle and livestock to water and watch them bleed
You see a goddess with a forked tongue come to you in your dreams
Possessed tattooed virgin suicide girl
Meth hides a decaying reality around you in a bullshit wonderland